How We will build this App together

When we decided to focus on iOS utility App development, we wanted to create something that would solve a problem or two. You know, make some people happy.

Validating an App idea is always the best way to go. Why should we spend so much time creating something that we feel will be useful and fail when we can ask the potential users what they want and most likely succeed?

So, what do you want?

We set out to contact experienced various product authorities to see if they would be interested in beta testing the upcoming CrownYa App. The initial plan is to have a manageable group of beta testers in order to improve the user experience and refine the design.

We’re going to go about this the right way: Ask the right questions and respond accordingly to make what you want.

Now that the basic App is ready for beta testing, our plan is to get you involved in shaping it for YOUR needs. Let’s stay in touch!

Looking forward to receiving some great input very soon!

All the best,

Team CrownYa

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