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Smart App

Save Time

DOWNLOAD CrownYa to search for just about anything. Find deals wherever they may be: on the web or right around the corner.

Find the Deals

Enter the name of ANY product. A brand name is optional, but narrows your search results. Search to display multiple prices with locations offering that product near you.

Purchase directly on the web or follow directions to the physical location, all securely from your device.

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Universal iOS Development

Your iOS Device is Welcome

Experience the benefits of CrownYa whether you’re using your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

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Full Control

Take Charge of Your Products

Search what you want whenever you want and wherever you are. You can see what’s around you or what’s available on the web regardless of your location.

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Designed for You

Search without Limits

If you’re looking for gifts, clothes, pet food or, literally, anything – CrownYa is for YOU. Searching for hair products, jeans, or electronics couldn’t be easier.

Sort Your Search Results

With six different ways to sort your product search results, CrownYa makes it easy for you to focus on what’s important to you at that moment.

Ascending or descending sort order: Price, Distance from you, Alphabetically. How would you like to arrange what you found? DOWNLOAD CrownYa today.

Your every product app.

The FREE CrownYa app brings you products of any kind, sales and other offers. Search hundreds of thousands of products offered by over 35,000 merchants.

Simple presentation

Enter what you’re looking for and find it. It’s that simple.

Know More

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Device flexible

Install CrownYa on multiple, different iOS devices and your shopping experience remains the same.

Additional features unique to CrownYa

A dynamic interface that doesn’t require App Store updates in order to let you know what’s trending. Shop and compare product prices from different sources right within your search results.

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Device Availability

CrownYa is a free universal app, available only on iOS. Enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. No need to sign up or register for anything to immediately start experiencing its value. Download, open, and search. Find the products you’re looking for.
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  • Limit location search results to only the products you’re interested in.

    Get exactly what you’re looking for because you’re in control.

  • CrownYa keeps you up to date with Merchant provided product details.

    Got an idea for a last minute gift? Is your stock running low? CrownYa rules.

  • When you find it: Buy it, share it, drive, ride, or walk to it.

    One tap and you’re one step closer to the object of your desire.

  • Search for any product and see multiple prices and locations.

    Tap the location pin to get directions from your favorite mapping app.

  • Make informed decisions after reviewing the product details.

    Product details summarize benefits, ingredients, and updated sale information.

  • Start on your iPhone, pick up on your iPad and finish up where you started.

    Thanks to iCloud sync, your CrownYa app will have your latest updates and offers.

  • Activate Notifications to never miss an important update or time sensitive offer.

    CrownYa is guaranteed to receive free, lifetime updates and bug fixes.

  • Shopping for products can lead to that unexpected gift idea or sharing what you found.

    Share via email, messaging or the social app of your choice.

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